By Irving Gu 

This year Nanmo welcomed five new BC teachers. One of them is Mr. Schwartz, our teacher for AP Macro Economics and Social Studies 10. Mr. Schwartz thought it was time to leave his original school and chose Nanmo as the next point in his teaching journey. He believes that Shanghai is one of the largest and most developed cities in the world, and also Nanmo is the best BC school in Shanghai. He said that Nanmo’s students have excellent English skills, so that the students can understand what he is teaching in class and have a pleasant communication with him. In addition, Nanmo’s level in sports such as frisbee and hockey is also top in Shanghai. Mr. Schwartz is also a teacher who appreciates and has admirable sport skills. Now he has replaced Mr. Chen in charge of Nanmo sports. He hopes that every student can participate in at least one sport. Due to COVID-19, we are unsure if we can take part in BCOS and other leagues that compete with different schools this year. He plans to host more intramural leagues same as hockey which makes teachers and classmates compete on the same stage. Mr. Schwartz said that exercise is an indispensable part of life. He will participate in hockey or frisbee training every Friday after school. He hopes to see more students participating in sports in the future, and put sports planning into a necessary part. At the same time, he said more and more BC teachers will join us in sports activities, competitions, and even training. This is a very good opportunity for all teachers and students to get to know each other.