Real Talk has been going on for a month at Nanmo. Students have been actively participating in the activity to improve their oral speaking skills and develop a habit of speaking English frequently. Most students, especially Grade 10s, said Real Talk was a great tool to improve their English. Larry Yao, from 10B, said Real Talk allows her to speak English more actively in her daily life. In addition, since she has been in an English-speaking environment, she has developed the necessary skills to know how to convey her ideas in English. She and her classmates are also learning from each other and are even gaining new knowledge, such as new English words and expressions. Rachel Liu, from 10A, also agreed that the English environment that Nanmo provides is fantastic. Although she was new to this kind of activity, she and her classmates all participated in Real Talk actively, and her oral English skills keep on improving as well. So far, 10A, Team Coyote won the first round with 13 points. Nanmo has provided students with a comfortable place to speak English confidently in front of other people, while teachers support students along the way and witness their improvements. 

Currently, Grade 10 students are doing a great job at speaking English. Until the end of week 2 of December, 10A, Team Coyote, had the highest total points, and 10B and 10C ranked second and third. Grade 11 and Grade 12 students can still catch up by speaking more English next round. The points are always changing, and it will be interesting to see how the scores will change over the next round. 

– by Elaine Ma 11A