by Severus Tang

On October 30th, the Nanmo SUID held the Halloween Assembly which has taken place once a year since the school was first founded. It was one of the most awesome assemblies I’ve ever experienced in my career in Nanmo. The performances were fantastic and the costume show was really exciting. When I saw Mr. Dyck dressed as a bounty hunter, I couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

After the happiness and excitement of the assembly, when the former SUID were taking a photo together, I started to realize that this is my last year at Nanmo and this assembly is the last one I will participate in as a SUID staff. To be honest, my story with the Nanmo SUID began with the Halloween assembly as well. I was in grade 10 at that time. I went to help the former SUID with the decorations in the hallway the night before the assembly. I was attracted by the atmosphere of the SUID deeply after that and that’s one of the reasons why I took part in the SUID later. To be honest, it’s a great honor to be a member of the SUID, you can feel the respect from the other students when you walk through the hallway, but that’s not what attracted me the most. As I’m a member of SUID’s Art Department, I was in charge of the school assemblies with my partners. We needed to plan for the assembly, decorate the hall and clean up afterward. It was a tiring job. Once I even got home as late as 23:00, but I really enjoy it, or I can say this is the main attraction for me to work as a SUID staff member. When we were working in the hall, we were cooperating, we were fighting hard for the same goal, it’s really joyful to take part in this kind of atmosphere, it’s encouraging and inspiring. Besides, it brought me great joy when I saw the students smilling the next day when the assembly started. They were amazed and they appreciated our hard work. It gave me a feeling of worth and satisfaction. But all these were the past, it doesn’t help with the truth that I’m going to leave the SUID, but there are no regrets left behind. I was also delighted to see that the new generation of SUID students are taking our places. I sincerely believe that they will do a better job than us and bring a bright future for the SUID.