With the start of the new semester, five new teachers were into the NBC community. One of them is Mr. Chang, who is currently teaching AP Calculus, AB 12 and Entrepreneurship and Marketing 10. Mr. Chang is an experienced math teacher. In his previous school, he taught Precalculus 11 & 12, Calculus 12, AP Calculus, and Art of Living. He chose Nanmo for several reasons. In the first place, the location is ideal as Nanmo is located in Shanghai. He used to live in Suzhou, which is close to Shanghai. As a result, he often came to visit Shanghai. In addition, he knows some people here. For instance, Mr. Chen, who was one of the earliest teachers in his previous school, is his mentor. He also knows Mr. Dyck and Mr. Schwartz. While living in Shanghai, he can be involved in many activities, and transportation here is very convenient. “I used to be in the countryside,” said Mr. Chang. “It is simple to get things here.”  

Mr. Chang is also passionate about yoga. In fact, he has been to India for 5 months and learned how to teach yoga. During those 5 months, he took courses to become a classical hatha yoga teacher. Apart from that, Mr. Chang is also interested in whole foods, which are non-processed food, and vegetarian food. Over the past 3 months, he feels that the Nanmo community is very positive. He enjoys the teachers and students here, especially the grade 10 students since they are very enthusiastic about learning. In addition, the school’s Chinese teachers and Canadian teachers are cooperating efficiently to create a better school community. Overall, he enjoys being part of the vibrant NBC community.