By Diana Zhong, Class 8-1 

Have you seen the books, John?All those books!” 

—–Samwell Tarly《A Game Of Thrones》 

I made many friends and lost many of them when moving between schools, but books appears there as always. From the poorly stocked library in primary school to my kindle at home, books are a part of my daily life, English books especially. Each book is a world of its own. The black words on a white sheet can construct a unique world. When you are reading, it pulls you into that world, that are mythical and utterly magnificent to me. 

In seventh grade, I discovered the library in our school. It was thrilling!!! It was everything I’ve ever dreamed of and more. The library became my safe harbor, where I can rest without stress for twenty or so minutes or work in tranquility. I began to borrow books. After starting the new habit, I just couldn’t stop. I can bring the books home now instead of trying to remember where they are so I can return tomorrow. I brought my friends with me and, although they don’t enjoy the library as much as I did, they are enticed to this secret place more and more often.  

Of course, you might think that my grades dropped because I spent all my time reading novels. Actually, that’s not the case. My grades didn’t drop, they even went up. The trick to doing this is simple, and that is to balance time between studying and reading. Although I often borrow books, I never read them in class, and I only spend about an hour and a half reading at home so as not to derail my study plan. I divide 1.5 hours into little fragments which can be inserted into my study agenda. In doing so, I can relax every forty minutes. A ten-minute-reading is the break I need to recharge me for the next rush, and also the prelude of my bedtime, which calms my mind after an intensive day and helps me sleep tight. 

My favorite books in the library are: A Game of Thrones and The Lord of Rings. Both of these series take place in worlds that are both so unrealistic but also so real that you can almost reach out and touch them. The intricate plots and complicated relationships draw me to them. I can lose myself in either of those books for hours and only end with the soaring alarm reminding me of the next task on my study plan. 

Although I visit the library less and less often this semester because of the Senior High School Entrance Examination, it remains the dearest place in my heart. I hope you will be there one day to test the atmosphere. Who knows, maybe you will meet me there, submerged in a book.