Hi everyone, I am Daniel Wang, a student majoring in psychology at UBC; honoring to be invited by Nanmo to share my university survival experience in the first year. This year’s university life, which I have been looking forward to for a long time, has greatly changed me in many aspects.

When I talk about UBC, the first thing that comes to my mind is its impressive campus environment. I have already watched the sunset from the campus cafeteria near the cliff or even walked through a small forest to the beach near the residence to enjoy the stunning seaside sunset. The setting sun does not seem sad, but it brings warmth to my life outside of study. Vancouver’s wide variety of trees is also a beautiful scenery on the UBC campus. Enjoying pink cherry blossoms in full bloom during spring or feeling the smell of autumn under a whole patch of red maple trees has become a pastime for me after studying. Besides, the primeval forest near the university is a very attractive place for me, which is very difficult for us to feel after living in the Shanghai for a long time. Strolling in a forest, I can breathe in the fresh air while walking with my friends and enjoy my own time away from the steel towers.

Indeed, university life is a challenge that cost me a long time to adapt to the study life in university at the beginning. For example, even though I put much time into improving my paper, it still did not meet the professor’s standard. There was also a clear gap between my English skills and those of native English speakers. However, trying to go to office hours more often to ask professors and teaching assistants questions helped me get used to the learning style, and saw a very different side of my serious professors. It is also necessary to have a study group to review the test, complete the project, and ask questions. I often found that studying knowledge with my friends was much more efficient than studying my own knowledge. Therefore, we often prepare for the midterm or final exams one week before, sharing our study results together. As an old saying said “real friends always help you in need”. Yes, my friends always comfort me when I lack motivation. For instance, I am busy moving recently, but I am so busy that I don’t even have time to eat because of the large and large amount of furniture. Fortunately, my friends dropped everything they were doing to help me install furniture and decorate my new home when I needed them most. From a psychological point of view, having a stable social circle to share my troubles can dramatically reduce life’s pressure.

As a former member of the Lions Hockey team, I still keep a strong passion for hockey after coming to UBC. UBC has a huge rink to practice skating and play ice hockey. Although my skating skill still needs practice, everyone at the rink is kind and even willing to teach me how to skate. Different ice-hockey experience from high school is completely new for me, attaching me to keep playing hockey. Another unique hockey experience is watching the NHL hockey game on the spot. One of the things I wanted to do before I came to Vancouver was to see a Canucks home game in person. Luckily, I met a local student named Noach who loves watching NHL in my residence. His family got him two tickets to the Vancouver Canucks game, and Noach invited me to the Canucks home game at Rogers Arena. The first time I watched the NHL live game, I was deeply affected by the exciting atmosphere. When Vancouver Canucks scored a goal, the stadium held a special celebration, and all the Canucks fans stood up and cheered. Even as I was about their form of celebration, I couldn’t help but start standing up as Canucks cheered. Finally, I am very grateful to our Nanmo teachers for developing my interest and skills in hockey, creating a field that makes my life colorful.

Although there are endless due dates and exams, I still want to thank all the people who encourage me to take time out of my busy life to find the beauty of life. After a busy day of study at UBC, the purple sunset glow in the sky, the occasional light shows, or having dinner with my friends usually make me put down the fatigue of the day. Sharing my daily life with my friends in high school and China with my happy, lost, and interesting stuff also engage me to embrace my changeable life. In the face of fast-paced life, remembering to stop and enjoy the scenery along the road, with a mind that lovinglife and happy.