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story of our school

Established in 1911, Shanghai Nanyang Model High School is one of the top schools in Shanghai. Many famous Chinese politicians, philosophers, artists, educators, and even former basketball star Yao Ming, have graduated from this school. Every year, hundreds of students apply to both the domestic and international departments in order to experience the noteworthy prestige and high-quality education. Due to popular demand, a new campus opened in 2015 to accommodate the BC Offshore Program and shares the building with an additional international program. The new campus, called “Shanghai Nanyang Model Private High School”, offers our BC high school program for grades 10, 11, and 12. The strengths of this school include a strong leadership team and a dynamic staff of vibrant and dedicated teachers.

Located in the cosmopolitan metropolis of Shanghai, Shanghai Nanyang Model Private High School is located in Xuijahui, besire the French Concession; a charming juxtaposition where new city lights meeting old colonial architecture. One is only a short bike ride or ten to fifteen-minute taxi ride to the other exciting sectors of Shanghai. It is truly a prime location!


what do we teach 

To help students to succeed in a rapidly changing world, educators need to move the focus away from merely providing teacher-centered delivery of content. That’s why at Nanmo BC, we focus on developing the basic skills that students will need for success in life, like reading, writing, math, critical thinking, collaboration and communication. This teaching is delivered through real-world experiences related to students’ interests and passions.

Students are taught in English by BC certified teachers and they use the same textbooks as students in British Columbia. Examples of courses taught in our school include: English Language Arts, English Language Learner, Social Studies, Math, AP Calculus, Science, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, AP Psychology, AP World History, AP Macro Economics, IT, Visual / Performing Arts, Physical Education, Chinese Culture and Mandarin.


Various after-class activities to paticipate

Shanghai Nanyang Model Private High School offers a wide variety of extracurricular activities including athletics as part of the BC Offhsore Sports League, competing against other BC Offshore Schools from Shanghai, Jiangsu, and Zhenjiang provinces. We offer basketball, soccer, ultimate, running, badminton, and hockey with both boys and girls teams along with co-ed teams. We also have intra-mural house competitions, student union, and clubs such as Battle of the Bands, French, Hockey, Yoga, drama, and singing.

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