October 23, 2020, is the Sports Carnival in Nanyang Model Private High School. The weather that day was pretty nice, sunny most of the time. At about 7:30 in the morning, Principle Gao’s announcement of Sports Day got this wonderful day officially started. Everybody was hyped up, especially us grade 12 students, as this sports day being a rare day for us to relax and have fun. 

In the morning we had three competitive items for the audience to enjoy, 50-meter race, standing long jump, and solid ball throw, and each item had a junior and senior division. These three items were so popular that lots of excellent athletes took part in and competed, and I was one of them too. A couple of boys from the Nanmo basketball team had some pretty good records in the track race and standing long jump because they had quite a good physique.  

After these competitive items, a bunch of fun activities for all students and even teachers took place, like layup game, hockey dribbling, carrying a ball with tubes, transferring a hula hoop with body motions, and so on. Among these activities, my favorite was the one in which 6 people sitting on a big aerated caterpillar and racing. This really required cooperation and unity between members because they had to move their feet at the same pace and as fast as possible. 12A did a good job and almost got number 1 on this game as all of us were yelling “One Two One” together to sync our footsteps.  

In the afternoon we had the most important event of this day, the Terry Fox Run, which happened with literarily all the students and teachers participating. Everyone was jogging around the whole campus and some were wearing Terry Fox’s merchandise which were designed and purchased by students and teachers to raise funds and donations, and most importantly, the attention to cancer in our society. During this event, what I really appreciated was that none of the students were resting while the others were all either jogging or running.  

Finally, the most exciting and traditional part of the day after the Terry Fox Run was throwing pies into the teachers’ faces! People who had purchased Terry Fox merchandise got a ticket in a lucky draw called up by our teacher host, and about ten of them were lucky enough to win and got the opportunity to throw a pie in whichever teacher’s face they chose. Everybody was yelling, cheering, and joking watching teachers get pies thrown in their faces, which was such a relaxing and funny moment to enjoy. That was the end of the Nanmo Sports Carnival.