Shanghai Nanyang Model Private High School

(BC Offshore Program)

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Principal:Mark Wuerch
Grade Level:10-12

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Registration and Enrollment
Admission for Shanghai Nanyang Model Private High School is very competitive. Students are selected on the basis of standardized tests completed in Chinese Middle Schools, previous school records, and a rigorous English Language Proficiency exam. Testing dates are done in early Spring (April/May).  

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University Admission

Our excellent graduates are admitted to the world’s top-ranked universities with outstanding grades and performance every year.

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Students' Events

In addition to the intense studying life, students from the BC offshore program participate in a variety of colorful and interesting extracurricular activities organized by our school. They show excellent personal abilities in those activities and also practice what they have learned in class.

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Career Opportunities

Are you a certified teacher in BC Canada? Are you seeking opportunities to work overseas? Come and join our team! 

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Staff Team

Our professional staff has designed the most suitable curriculum contents and extracurricular activities for our students.

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Our Principal

We have embarked on another exciting year here at Nanmo Private – one that is full of change! This is now my 3rd year at Nanmo and I have to say that with each year, I feel more and more at home and with that, increasingly appreciate the history, values and collegiality of being part of this fantastic community of students, parents and staff.

Unlike past years where we welcomed 3 new classes of grade 10s, this year we are excited to be, for the first time, welcoming 4! This is such a fantastic transition because it shows us that our school is dynamic and growing. Over the next 3 years we will all observe our new grade 10s transition from children to young adults as they develop academically, increase their awareness of themselves, others and the world around them, and grow physically. It is always exciting to see.

Last year again, 100% of our grade 12 students were able to graduate with both a Shanghai and British Columbia diploma. Additionally, our 64 graduates were given over 500 university offers – such an impressive achievement. The vast majority of our students have already transitioned abroad, and are starting their first weeks of classes at top Canadian universities like the University of Toronto, the University of British Columbia, Queens, Western, Waterloo, and the University of Alberta. Many are also attending top institutions outside of Canada, including the University of Sydney (Australia), Boston University (USA), University College of London and the University of Manchester (UK).

As with most years, we had well-regarded staff leave. This year I am happy to say that our new staff are all very strong, highly motivated and well-experienced. Most are still transitioning to China, but we expect most to be on campus by the end of the October holiday. Additionally, with our growth in enrollment, we were able to add 2 more staff to the BC Program. This allowed us to keep class sizes at levels that optimize teacher-student ratios to better serve students. We were also able to add a number of elective courses, which gives our students greater choice, which in turn, benefits them as they are able to choose courses that play to their strengths.

I am excited and looking forward to working with a positive, energetic, and collaborative student and staff body here in Shanghai. I know I speak on behalf of all Nanmo staff when I say that this school is going to be a fantastic year!

Mark J.H. Wuerch
Shanghai Nanyang Model Private High School

Mark Wuerch


Class of 2018


Class of 2018


University of Toronto




















About us

Established in 1911, Shanghai Nanyang Model High School is one of the top schools in Shanghai. Many famous Chinese politicians, philosophers, artists, educators, and even former basketball star Yao Ming, have graduated from this school. Every year, hundreds of students apply to both the domestic and international departments in order to experience the noteworthy prestige and high-quality education. Due to popular demand, a new campus opened in 2015 to accommodate the BC Offshore Program and shares the building with an additional international program. The new campus, called “Shanghai Nanyang Model Private High School”, offers our BC high school program for grades 10, 11, and 12. The strengths of this school include a strong leadership team and a dynamic staff of vibrant and dedicated teachers.

Located in the cosmopolitan metropolis of Shanghai, Shanghai Nanyang Model Private High School is located in Xuijahui, beside the French Concession; a charming juxtaposition where new city lights meeting old colonial architecture. One is only a short bike ride or ten to fifteen-minute taxi ride to the other exciting sectors of Shanghai. It is truly a prime location!

To help students to succeed in a rapidly changing world, educators need to move the focus away from merely providing teacher-centered delivery of content. That’s why at Nanmo BC, we focus on developing the basic skills that students will need for success in life, like reading, writing, math, critical thinking, collaboration and communication. This teaching is delivered through real-world experiences related to students’ interests and passions.

Students are taught in English by BC certified teachers and they use the same textbooks as students in British Columbia. Examples of courses taught in our school include: English Language Arts, English Language Learner, Social Studies, Math, AP Calculus, Science, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, AP Psychology, AP World History, AP Macro Economics, IT, Visual / Performing Arts, Physical Education, Chinese Culture and Mandarin.

Shanghai Nanyang Model Private High School offers a wide variety of extracurricular activities including athletics as part of the BC Offhsore Sports League, competing against other BC Offshore Schools from Shanghai, Jiangsu, and Zhenjiang provinces. We offer basketball, soccer, ultimate, running, badminton, and hockey with both boys and girls teams along with co-ed teams. We also have intra-mural house competitions, student union, and clubs such as Battle of the Bands, French, Hockey, Yoga, drama, and singing.


Nanmo Lions Basketball Tryouts

Nanmo Lions Basketball Tryouts

Students at Shanghai NANMO Model Private High School have a wealth of extracurricular activities, and basketball is an essential part of it. Teachers gather all the students who are passionate about playing basketball, and they form the Nanmo Basketball Team by trying...



我校的飞盘校队——Lions在10月22日参加了位于领科学校的八校飞盘友谊赛。这也是我第一次参加极限飞盘的比赛。 比赛大约持续了7个小时,从早上8点到下午15点。赛场上,每支队伍都尽自己的全力赛出风格,赛出精彩,尽显青春活力。尽管这次我们的队伍里有像我一样第一次接触飞盘的十年级同学,但是每个人都积极地投入到比赛中,特别是来自BC10A的Lionel和BC10B的Jeno。正是因为每个队员的全力以赴,我队最终取得了第三名的好成绩。...

Terry Fox 2022

Terry Fox 2022

On November 4, all the students and faculty of Nanmo held the annual Terry Fox Run at the East Campus. In honor of Terry Fox's "Marathon of Hope" for cancer research, the event started with a jog around the playground and the school building. Although the weather was...


323 West Longhua Road, 200323, Shanghai, P.R.C.

School Hours

Mon – Fri  07:30-15:30

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(021) 62330581 | (021) 54100587


October 1 - 8

Moon Festival Holiday

October 16

Terry Fox Run

October 30

Halloween Events

November 11

Remembrance Day

November 27

Grade 12 Parent-Teacher Conferences

December 4

Grade 10 Parent-Teacher Conferences

December 11

Grade 11 Parent-Teacher Conferences

December 24 - 25

Christmas Holidays

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Address: 1118 Tianyaoqiao Road, Shanghai, P.R.C. 200030

Phone:(021) 62330581 | (021) 54100587

Email: mwuerch.nanyang@gmail.com 

Hours:Mon - Fri  07:30-15:30